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Bucketlist update!

Just a short update on my bucketlist and life lately. I’m finally back home in the Philippines after being away for almost 2 months! ūüôā After battling jet lag for almost 5 days, my bf and our friend flew to Coron, Palawan and stayed there for 5 days. I do have quite the holiday, if I must say. #AngBabaengWalangPahinga After my Eurotrip and recent trip to Coron, Palawan, I’ve ticked a couple of items off my bucketlist. Continue Reading

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Where in the World Am I?

Hello guys! So after a short hiatus (4 months to be exact), I’m back to writing again. I’m currently in London(!!!) on the last leg of my Eurotrip. I’m going back to the Philippines in 6 days and I just want to update you all about life lately. (if there are readers left after my indefinite break. lol) The past month has been nothing short of amazing! If you told me 5 years ago that I would be able to travel around Europe ALONE¬†for 2 months, I would just stare at you and laugh out loud. IMPOSSIBLE!¬†Emphasis on bold and all caps! Thank God for His grace and that I was born stubborn and persevering so I was able to convince myself to just ¬†go for it¬†and reach for my dreams.

This was the¬†first solo international travel that I need to find my own way into my accommodation from the airport. I was fortunate enough that during my past travels, even if I got on the plane alone, friends would pick me up at the airport. Phoebe picked me up at the airport when I went to Japan and Ching did the same thing when I went to Singapore then we went to Bali together. Bless their kind souls! Anyway, from Heathrow, finding my accommodation was an adventure on its own. It required a lot of screencaps of directions from rome2rio¬†on which train to take¬†(I still didn’t know about google maps offline version during this time, okay), connecting to free public wifi at the airport to double check, and just having enough courage to go out after pep talking myself. I landed in London on July 15, 2016 9:30PM. Immigration check and getting my check-in baggage took almost an hour as it was pretty busy during that time. It was around 10:30PM that I was finally out of the arrival gates of the airport. I stayed there for another 15 minutes just to let everything sink in. I AM FINALLY IN LONDON!! I was internally screaming to myself at this point. LOL! Then I suddenly realized it was getting pretty late so I gathered my stuff, have some dollars changed to pounds, and then went to the underground¬†station. Continue Reading

Random Thoughts

MandSci: My beloved Alma Mater


10 years ago today I graduated from High School at the City of Mandaluyong Science High School. Fast forward to 10 years later, who would’ve known that I’ll be working happily in the Information Technology field finding solutions to make peoples lives easier even from halfway accross the world? What I wanted to do before was very different from what I am doing today. I always imagined myself working in the medical field. Nursing, med tech, doctor, clinical psychologist etc as long as it is related to health sciences. But due to the unforseen twist of events, I ended up in this field. Fortunately. A field that I got to love despite all the challenges and hardships I had endured.

I want to thank my Alma Mater for molding me and giving me the best education possible. “Education is the key to success”.Almost all people say this and I was very fortunate that I received education in this institution. Four years ago, I walked the halls of this concrete building with my head held high. Pride. Pride to be called the Cr√®me De La Cr√®me students of Mandaluyong. For four years, I endured rigorous mentorship under excellent teachers. Teachers who guided me and coached me not only in my studies but also in the dealings of life. All things I learned before, I treasured in my heart. (except for the mathematical formulas of calculus and the process of balancing chemicals. lol)
Inside the four corners of this school I met friends that are for keeps. Friends that I will always treasure even though we don’t see each other as often as before.

Looking back, being inside the four corners of this school made me feel a plethora of different emotions. Joy from the time I spend with my batchmates, the anxiety expecially during card day, saddness when we had misunderstandings between peers, being nervous during exams more so when I didn’t study enough, the taste of victory when we won the interbatch intrams during our freshman year, excitement, heartbreak, disappointment, hurt, pain, betrayal, happiness. It was bittersweet but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Thank you MandSci because one of the most important thing I learned during the time I spent under your wings is to always strive for excellence. To push your limits because all things are possible if you worked hard enough. No matter the circumstances, even if its not what I expect, I always apply this principle and strive to be excellent in all aspects of my life. Life doesn’t always happen the way we expect it but we can always control how we react towards it. I learned how to adapt.

After a decade, our school hymn now have a much deeper meaning than it had before. I still memorize this song to heart. I can still sing this song with the same, if not more, pride than I had the first time I sang it on the first day of class in my freshman year. With my head held high and a genuine smile on my face. Excited. Expectant. Full of hope on what the future brings.

“Oh, Mandaluyong Science High School
To you I pledge my life and honor
You gave me love,power and wisdom
And made my life strong and ever fruitful.

I shall defend your precious good name,
I’ll strive and fight to give you more fame,
To my fellow i’ll be an example,
To my mentors i shall bring joy,
And to God the source of all and all
With thanks i’ll bow for CMSHS is my school.

And to God, the source of all and all,
I’ll humbly stand for CMSHS is my school,
And to God, the source of all and all,
I’ll proudly say that CMSHS is my school.”

Yza Marzan, proud alumna of one of the best, if not THE BEST SCHOOL in Mandaluyong. Tatak Batang Mansci.

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Planner Girl

The Philippine Planning Society – My first Planner Meetup

Last Saturday, I went to my first ever planner meetup at Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons. Chinky posted in¬†The Philippine Planning Society¬†that they will be hosting a mini meet on March 19 at Maker’s Market bazaar held at Commons.¬†I had to go! For one, the meet up venue was near our place and two, I’m really really excited to meet other planner sisters. Before joining planner groups in FB, I thought I was the only one who is into “creative planning” and crafting. Thankfully I stumbled upon a couple of planner groups. Rej also added me in Journals and planner Enthusiasts Philippines. My life (and wallet, I might say) was never the same again. So much creativity flowing in my feeds because of them! <3 Love you guys!

Come March 19, the day of the meet up. The allotted time given by the organizers for us was 1-5PM. I arrived some time around 3PM because I did some errands first.¬†Before meeting the girls, I went around the bazaar and checked some of the sellers there. It was heaven! <3 All of the booths are selling handmade items¬†and most¬†of them are IG sellers that I follow. If I hadn’t exceeded my shopping budget for that week because of my Lasting Impressions haul, I would’ve splurged a little more at the bazaar. After checking the shops out, I decided to go and meet the girls! <3

After introducing myself, I sat at the table and chatted to some of the girls I was sitting beside. I asked where they’re from, etc etc. After some time, I decided to join the stamp buffet and stamp away! Continue Reading

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Sunday Currently

The Sunday Currently vol 12

I didn’t notice that it has been long since I did a Sunday Currently post so here goes. ūüôā


  • reading¬†my Bible. Okay, I’m not trying to be all religious here but one of my goals this year is to be consistent in my quiet time. I find it kinda hard for the past couple of months to dedicate time to study God’s word because of being busy about so many things (I know, excuses) so this time, I vow to spend more time in reading God’s word. Which should be my top priority, really. Also, I just finished Kevin Kwan’s China Rich Girlfriend.
  • writing¬†My realizations form yesterday’s Discipleship 2016. The word they shared was short, concise, and very meaty. It takes a while for it to sink in.
  • listening to¬†Everlasting Glory¬†from Victory Worship‚Äôs Rise Heart¬†album. (I usually do my devotion in the morning now that’s why all I am listening to are Christian songs.)

Continue Reading